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What is FScript?

FScript is an extremely simple scripting language. Its intended use is as an embedded language in other Java programs. It is very simple to embed - it can be a matter of sub-classing one class and adding your own functionality. However is not a complete programming language, i.e no libraries (for IO etc.) are provided. These are expected to be provided by the hosting application.

For a complete language I suggest you look at:

jython - an implementation of the excellent Python language in Java.

Rhino - an implementation of JavaScript in Java.

Both of these are also fully embeddable, and have sane licenses.

FScript however is around 50k as a jar file, and is only a few thousand lines of source. So if the functionality you are looking for is more than a simple configuration file parser, but less than a full blown programming language FScript could be for you.

As of version 1.1 FScript has the ability to access Java objects directly. That is it is possible to instance a Java object and access it's methods and fields from within a FScript script. This gives FScript a lot more power than it previously had. This feature is also modular and can be removed if not needed


A quick rundown of FScript's features:


The only requirement is a Java2 runtime environment. An initial version of FScript also exists for J2ME. For details so the FScript web site

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