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FScript is supplied as a gzipped tar file. Under a suitable Unix it can be extracted with the command tar -xvzf FScript.tgz

Windows users should find that a utility such as Winzip can handle this file, but they may have to extract the tar file, rename it with a .tar extension and then use Winzip (or the like) again

FScript is a component that is not really useful as a stand alone language, hence the method of installation is typically up to you - the source files are located in the 'murlen' directory, the class files in the class directory, and there should be a .jar file suitable for inclusion in you CLASSPATH in the top level directory. The documentation, including javadoc, is in the docs directory.

Ant is the preferred build tool for compiling the code (should you wish to do so). There are a number of targets:

all - makes all source files (if needed)

clean - removes class files

jar - builds the jar file

jdoc - rebuilds the javadoc

test - runs java FSTest regtest.script (system self test)

theworks - rebuilds everything (runs clean,all,jar,jdoc,test)

There is also a Makefile, which currently has the same targets, but make is being phased out in favor of Ant, so in future versions the Makefile may not exist.

There is a test FScript script (regtest.script) which is intended to exercise most if not all of the language. This can be executed by running java FSTest regtest.script .

There are some (very simple) examples of FScript use in the examples directory (and subdirectories).

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