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What is FScriptME?

FScriptME is an implementation of FScript designed for Java Micro Edition. See the Sun J2ME site . Currently FScriptME is still in beta, in that it has only recently been released and is still relatively untested. However it is based upon the FScript source code and as such should be stable.

I am currently using FScriptME to develop a scripting environment for the Palm platform using MIDP for Palm , this is still unreleased but the FScript section was considered mature enough for independent release.

How does FScriptME differ from FScript?

A number of changes were made to FScriptME to enable it to work with J2ME, some of these changes are due to the restrictions of J2ME and some are to keep the code base simpler (and therefore smaller). The main changes are:

This document does not contain FScript information (syntax, usage etc.), download FScript proper from the homepage and use the existing FScript documentation (as FScript and FScriptME are very similar).

Why GPL?

FScript was originally developed for inclusion in a commercial product, hence the choice of the LGPL. As FScriptME has no such restrictions I have chosen to release it under GPL. This does mean that FScriptME may not be used as part of a commercial product. However I am open to relicensing on a product by product basis, please contact me (murlen no-spam at users dot sourceforge dot net) if this may be of interest to you.

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