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Other Details


Initially FScriptME is a source only release. The source is in the murlen/util/FscriptME directory. There is no makefile or the like provided, but basically something like javac murlen/util/fscriptME/*.class would be a good start.

Code size

This depends on compiler used and other factors but around 30KB would be a typical size of a compiled FScriptME code base. By way of an example the MIDP for Palm application mentioned earlier is approx. 45KB


The official homepage of FScript is here .

The SourceForge project page is here .


The JavaDocs are in the docs/doc directory.


This is beta software so bugs are to be expected. Any bugs or feature requests can be reported to me at:

murlen (at to stop spam) users dot sourceforge dot net

Or via the bug tracking on the project home page.

Note that email is probably going to get a faster response, as the project page is checked less frequently.

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